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In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in July 1951 War of the Ancients and the Moderns full swing today; This means that the elders – those we prefer to call them traditionalists – are beginning to feel the weight of our teaching techniques and the threat they pose to have the positions they occupy, and they take advantage. War is declared, a cold war that the fiercest attackers do not dare to take openly.

Criticism – recognizes Mr. Franck in the Pedagogical Supplement Pas-de-Calais, – appears in the most widespread educational journals, as in the humorous form … Are we so afraid of the unpleasant truths we can accept the discipline that well coated salt, or better sugar of humor? „We learn by chance from time to time, as clandestinely such personalities have made some serious criticisms against modern techniques and rehashed the same accusations that we reject for twenty-five years and are still made with the same obstinacy because those who produce them, our technical know not short, the debate – or fight – has not yet reached its serious phase.

Perhaps there he never will succeed and we will see only distress jolts of this traditional school that dares not speak its name nor defend its positions. Probably because they are no longer defensible. Those that are defensible, we do ours, we occupy them; we put them in our service; we incorporate them into our modern techniques.

For after all, what is there extraordinary about that? Does our inspectors, do all that, theoretically at least, figure as teachers, should not be pleased to see a group of educators do so from within, self-criticism of the current school to try to improve and modernize?

If this criticism is harsh, but if it is true, should we not be welcomed if we moving towards a dynamic effort to raise ourselves above a conformism that is the bastardization of an institution that, in the words of M. Franck, „lives by its evolution: otherwise it fades, freezes and sclerosis.“ . It is surprising that we criticized traditional schools, we have suffered in our childhood, and to which we have so long participated before attempting to free ourselves. „Most of the progress, said Mr. Frank, are not improvised.

Originally, there is almost always criticism of what exists and what is this dialectic which opposes a faulty present a better and more efficient ideal, that are created and develop theories with efficiency the final judge. „During the coming year, we will continue this deep and methodical critique of the traditional school. We will do the point with a bias denigration; there is no question of throwing it on a black accomplice to better show the light we pretend to discover.

This traditional school, it is our school; it is our secular school and we will never say a word, we will never make a move that could hurt him. Educators who are still immersed in this traditional school, they are our colleagues, our friends that we know the dedication and strong desire to serve the same cause.

We will try, instead, to recognize all the weeds that hinder our work, and together, without partisan bias, we will seek cultural practices likely to grow promising harvests; we will develop as modern work tools and techniques that allow us to better: reach goals that we share. After all, we are always agree on these goals: * We all think that the school is made, not for a government or a party, or for adults, but for children it is to form. * These children, we all want to prepare them for life.

It will perhaps discuss this preparation for life, take surveys that show the fragility, if not the actual uselessness of certain acquisitions that the school was placed in the center of its concerns, to share training of the individual, and also the part of the acquisition of knowledge and techniques. Now it will have we tried to ascertain, if possible by opening a large country might move all the educational press and also the popular press, that must know, must know what to do, what should be the children who come to 14 years of our School.

This educational point is absolutely essential. We are determined, as for us, to work wholeheartedly to achieve the goals and meet the needs Aura revealed this big investigation. And this survey, it should be relatively easy to make understand the urgency and necessity. We never talked so much of modernization and efficiency, at least in the economic, agricultural and industrial.

We must understand that we do, we do recognize the need to modernize our school. * We all want an efficient school, of course. No worker agrees to run idle; each seeks performance. We only turn often, alas! vacuum. We will look with the same goodwill tools, work methods and techniques that will, for our school, maximum performance according to program requirements resulting from our big investigation.

We argue, we make a number of solutions to this performance improvement. We have at least discovered, experienced and brought in current practice of our classes a new engine, which, like nuclear energy, industrial designs upsets, upsets all the teaching behavior. This engine is the child’s interest.

And not this ersatz interest that try to artificially gush educators of students in devitalized prior, but a deep interest, functional, which will draw its sap in the life of the individual, within the medium. This engine, we home work market
have not yet sufficiently rehearsed; we do not we are quite familiar with the requirements of its operation; when it starts, it is often too noisy, it goes too fast; he tends to dominate our entire business.

But it is the great engine that we can, today, show the extraordinary performance. We will take stock of the performance. And since we often measure the performance to exam success, we will say our superiority, even in this area.

If Freinet School has had this year, four students received – including two in the top of the canton – 4 presented, this is not a coincidence; this standard is that of the majority of our classes and we will show the current statistics, to which we invite to participate all our members, which prove conclusively that the classes working according to our techniques have a higher percentage of receipts that classes traditional. And we will say why. * Another claim that is common to us all: we want to work in our classes in humane conditions, from the point of view hygiene and health at moral, social and educational. And when we have demonstrated – now possible and easy – that only our technology can deliver working conditions educator who we are, permanently, a man beset by children; when we feel the human impact of our technology; When will a school is now possible where teachers and students work with pleasure in a new atmosphere of cooperation that obviates the ancestral paraphernalia of rewards and punishments; when we have placed our educational activity in the great circle of life and work in modern society, the teachers themselves abandon their old plow to try the modern tractor.

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